152DTK – 3x summit South Mountain

First long ride of the new plan!

Scheduled: 4 hours (15 warm up, 3:35 ride, 10 cool down), zones 2-3.
Actual: 10 warm-up, 3:00 ride. Had to cut it a bit short, with Mother’s day and travel today.
I wanted to try out my new 30t cogs, so I rode South Mountain 3 times. Main set –  distance: 34.5 miles; Elevation gain: 3796ft.  Ironman Regensburg has one main climb which you cover twice (two loop course). The hill has ~10 miles climbing with an average gradient of 5-5.5%, and ~2000 feet vertical ascent. So, it’s similar to South Mountain in grade, but twice as long.
I did three repeats from the intersection of Summit road and San Juan. Splits (all negative :-). The new cogs rock.
AHR: 118. Most climbing from 118-126, with some efforts closer to mid 130’s.
Inline image 1

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