150DTK – Prague run, no swim

1 hour endurance run, zone 2. Just got into Prague last night. Realized this morning that I’ve forgotten my heart rate monitor (Doh!). And my Singulair (Doh! Doh!). And there’s no coffee in the flat (DOOOOOH!) <insert rage>

Supposed to swim today, but I’ll need to go down and see about getting another membership to the pool. Last time I did that, it was a bit of an adventure, as nobody there spoke any English, and I had a vocabulary of about 20 Czech words plus a lot of pantomime. Swim hours at the closest pool are also quite limited, and certain times are “clothing forbidden” swimming.

Good run this morning though – JZP to Wencheslas, up to Old Town, Charles Bridge, Malestrana up to the castle.

Run: 1 hour Zone 2, HR 130’s-low 140’s


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