147DTK – Indoor Tempo Ride, big plans for tomorrow

90 minute tempo ride on the trainer this morning. Was going to hit all the hills in Zizkov, but decided to save my legs for tomorrow’s big event!

Ride: 15min zone 1 warmup, 1 hour zone 3 (actually, I split this in half, did half zone 2, half zone 3), 10 minut cool-down zone 1

Watched my downloaded video of the Giro D’Italia while riding – stage 2. Kept away the tedium. The first 3 or so legs of the Giro D’ITALIA were in Denmark. Really? How does that play into a tour of Italy?

Tomorrow –

Tomorrow is scheduled a long run of 2.5 hours. I looked around, and found this really cool looking small half marathon in Austria, just out of Innsbruck: http://www.runinternational.eu/2012-calendar/may/1112-6-halbmarathon-hall-wattens-2012

I checked with my coach. This looks fun, but I don’t want to blow my training before Ironman Regensburg. With the 5-6 hour drive, I will be pretty sapped by the time I get back to Prague on Sunday for my long (5 hour) bike ride.

Bill’s response – GO FOR IT! He gave me a pacing and nutrition plan for the event as well. I love these guys. So, off I go. I leave first thing tomorrow, be back as early Sunday as I can manage.

Race Entry – 20 Euro

Rental car with GPS – $125

Hotel in a top ranked (TripAdvisor) hotel – 47 Euro. Including breakfast.

So, a bit over $200 for the weekend, not including food and gas.

Seriously – we’ll see how good a 47 Euro hotel room is. I just want a dry place to sleep with no parasites. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g190444-d283959-Reviews-Gasthof_Badl-Hall_in_Tirol_Tirol_Austrian_Alps.html



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