139DTK – Long run in North Prague

Last workout before I fly home tomorrow. Long run – 0:15 warm up, 2:32 aerobic level run at l2, 10 minut cool-down, for 2:45 total. By 2:30, I had covered about 15 miles, so not so bad for an easy pace.

I ran down to the river and followed it north. The path was very flat – which is not so easy to find in Prague. But after the long ride yesterday, I wasn’t so eager to go run hills.

Another beautiful day in Prague. After running through the center, the trail turned into the A2 bike route – very nice route, on gravel and asphalt paths, lots of shade trees. Toward the north, the trail diverted and went East, following a small creek, going through several parks and neighborhoods.

I kept a strong, easy pace. Though not fast by any stretch, I was happy to see that, over nearly 3 hours of running, my pace was very consistent throughout – not counting the fast descent in the beginning and slow climb up the hill at the end.

Steady Pace!

At one point, I turned a corner and was thrown back in time – It was world war 2 again, and the Czech military was going through training exercises…


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