118DTK – Bike check-in + interval run

Run – 20 minutes L1-L2, with 2×30 second HARD intervals.

Nice run early this morning around the old town and river.

Race briefing yesterday. I’ve never heard so many rules in a briefing before. There were three different colored penalty cards you could get. I was thinking I should have maybe taken notes so I could bring them with me on the ride.

We were cautioned at least 4 times to avoid public urination, and several more times about public nudity – where to change, and where not to change after the swim. Race Briefing quote from organizer: “With men, it is OK to be in transition area without shirt. With women, sometimes it is very nice without shirt. Sometimes, not so nice. So, we say, all women must wear shirt in transition.”

Took the bus out this afternoon to check in my bike. Very organized check-in process. They even take a picture of you with your bike to verify your identity when you check your bike out. All racers were given these bike covers to protect your bike overnight. 

They were still putting the swim course up. Water was nice and cool (for me) at 19 C. Many of the other competitors I talked to – who are used to much cooler conditions – felt it was almost too warm for a wet suit.


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