90DTK – Saddlebauer

So, our hostess recommended a local “hutt” (combination restaurant + hostel up in the mountains) which is renowned for outstanding authentic Austrian food. Directions were a bit sketchy, as it was out of town a bit. We drove up just before dark and the road was definitely teeth-grittingly steep and windy. We got all the way to the top only to find that the kitchen had just closed 😦 . Good news is, I found a respectable findal ride to do in the Alps before going back to Prague!

The ride was short and near town – but STEEP. Strava says parts of the climb were as steep as 40%. The main climbing segment was 2.1 miles with an average gradient of 10.7%. On the descent, it felt like I was going over the handlebars at a couple points.

Also, new segment! Woo, KOM!


Road to Sattlebauer

View from Sattlebauer



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