2DTK – Rest day with the turtles


Rest day today. I’ve never been prescribed a nap before, but I took to it well 🙂 Cindy is asking why she didn’t get a nap in her 1/2 marathon training plan yet.

Before that, we took a tip from Coach Bill (Thanks Bill!) to check out Kiholo bay, about 16 miles out of Kailua, down an unmarked dirt road. At the end of the road we parked, and walked about 1/2 hour around the bay to the north east, to what supposedly used to be one of the Hawaiian King’s fish ponds. It’s sheltered and the water is pretty brackish, but it is a favorite hangout of green sea turtles. We saw at least 15 here, mostly basking on the shore. They’re protected, so we kept a respectful distance, but it was cool to see them. We also came upon a couple in the water while swimming, which was amazing to see. They are so graceful in the water.

Kiholo Bay



other strange sea creatures

We also swam along the shore and saw lot of fish. We spent most of the day out there, and got back in the early afternoon. I took my coach prescribed nap (which was so delicious), then had dinner and back to bed.


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