1DTK – Easy swim, Tempo ride, Underpants


Sleep! That was outstanding. 90 minute prescribed nap late yesterday afternoon, then 9 good hours last night. Such a nice change after transatlantic flights and working Euro hours from the west coast. Considering making sleep a regular occurrence.

I joined the march of the ironmen to the pier for a 7am swim.

March of the Ironmen

Hubub at the beach

Tried to get a panoramic

KBH and the big Banyan

Swimmers changing out and checking their gear

swim time! 🙂

Another wonderful swim. Saw more fish this time, including a moray eel down on the reef. Someone said they saw a small (2 foot) shark.


I’m all for people making money, but I am starting to get the vibe that Ironman is getting pretty commercial. This occurred to me as I saw adverts spread on the bottom of the bay for us swimmers to see during our swim. Points for creativity, at least.

On the way back to the hotel after my swim, I noticed crowds lining Ali’i drive. I stopped to watch, and realized it was the annual Underpants run! I had brought my Spongebob underpants to Kona, but had totally forgotten about the Underpants run in the excitement of the lead up to the race. The guy at the front of the run was in his tidy-whities yelling through a megaphone, “It’s not too late! Join us! Take of our clothes and join us!” Unfortunately I just had my swimsuit which is kinda lame for an underpants run. So, I just cheer them on with the rest of the crowd!


Then out to the QueenK for a tempo 45 minute tempo ride. 15 min warm up, 20 minut l3 (was closer to 25) then 10 minute cool down ( closer to 15 minutes). Felt strong! I was so excited to get out on the Queen K that I forgot my HR strap, so I have no HR data.


Queen K

After breakfast, I took the older two kids down to the Expo. Kinda cool, but nothing earth shattering. Kids were mostly into the free samples of sport drink and nutrition.


I ran into a couple other Camelback Coaching athletes! I’ve also seen a lot of Tri-Scottsdale jerseys here. the couple I spoke with said they weren’t competing, but the Tri-Scottsdale people got together for a happy hour. Cool! Good to see AZ represented!

Later I started pulling my gear together. All set, except I need to get some reflective tape for the run.

Race numbers applied and gear all set!


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