13 hours to Kona, bicycle paparazzi

OK, nerves are starting to kick in now ๐Ÿ™‚

It started last night when, at 9:00pm, I sat up in bed and realized I’d completely spaced the 8:00pm mandatory pre-race meeting. So much going on that I completely forgot it. I freaked out a bit, did some reading and saw that it was just “highly recommended” and not required. I emailed Bill, and in the morning he set me at ease that they are like all other pre-race meetings… “Don’t draft, don’t litter, and don’t be rude.” I checked into the race off later today to see if there was any big news, and the people there just shrugged and said, “No, nothing.”

Started the day off with a 20 minute endurance run with 3×30 second accelerations. I took Isabelle with me, and gave her a 10 second head start so she could be my rabbit.

run on Ali’i

After that, we got some breakfast, then drove out to pick up my breakfast stuff for tomorrow. Bill suggested 600 calories – which is a big breakfast. So, I stuck to my favorites, just more of it – yogurt, museli, banana and some clif bars.

Then we headed out for some family fun at a Seahorse breeding farm. We took a 1 hour tour – it was really interesting and very informative. We did some feedings and, at the end, we all got to put our hands in the big tanks with Seahorses and have them swim around and latch on our fingers.

Seahorse Farm

Back to Kailua, and bike check in. They were assembling the finish, which was exciting to see. Checkin started with verification of our numbers, and, in the mob, people were coming up to some bikers saying, “Can I take a picture of your cycling components?” Which was weird. Then we were all funneled down to a narrow walkway. On one side, underneath the big Banyan was a row of what seemed like Bike Paparazzi – cameras, clipboards, etc. The first one leaned over to look at my bike. “Terri.” The lady next to him had a clip board with a bunch of columns, and she added a tick to one of the columns. “You’re counting seats?” I said. “Yes,” they said. “Who is ‘winning’?” The guy almost said, but the lady pulled him back. “You’ll have to log onto our web site tonight and see!”

And on and on – dozens of people counting who has what pedals, handlebars, wheels, etc. taking pictures.

Bike Paparazzi

Then there was a short safety inspection, and I was handed off to a very nice volunteer who walked me to my bike spot, then walked all transition with me to hang up my run bag, then my bike bag. He even answered some questions I had about the swim course, as they were setting up the final buoys.

Went out to an early dinner then, before going to bed, the kids took their first crack at body marking me, so they could ‘keep me company’ on the long day tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


Next post probably won’t be until late tomorrow or early Sunday.


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