170DTR – Chilling (literally) in Ruislip, easy run

Friday, 1/23

Working in Uxbridge this week, and staying in Ruislip. No bike, so up early for another run. I wasn’t sure if Ruislip was going to work for a stay while working here – my first run found me in a swampy mess. And Strava was little help – you can see people’s segments but not how they go there, or if they were good segments – or along a busy highway.

Via Google Earth I found this place called Ruislip Lido about a mile and a half up the road. It’s a small reservoir just outside of town with a small beach and a couple cafes. Best of all it has a tarmac path around it that doesn’t turn into a swamp when it rains.

Weather forecast before I left Arizona said it would just get down to freezing in the London area. I can take that in my running shorts so that’s all I packed. Turns out it was about 20 this morning. Sting!



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